The fastest streaming on Earth

Millicast, acquired by Dolby, is now part of the Platform. Millicast powers a new generation of interactive real-time streaming applications built on WebRTC.

Live video delivery with the lowest possible latency.


Average 200-500 milliseconds global delivery

WebRTC CDN delivers to all devices.


Stream to all devices without plug-ins, players, or protocols.

Real-time HD quality video streaming.


Support for the latest codecs

Affordable Ultra low latency CDN.


Simple, transparent, all-inclusive, monthly based pricing

WebRTC Streaming for large scale delivery.


Global infrastructure, intelligent scaling, load tested with KITE

How it Works

PUBLISH: Simply use our online broadcaster from our Dashboard or OBS. For more advanced cases, use our API and SDKs from within your HTML, iOS or Android applications.

VIEW: We provide you with a hosted, customizable, white-label video player of which you can simply share the URL, or embed within your application for your viewers to instantly begin viewing your real-time streams.

How easy is it?


Sign up for a free trial.


Create your Broadcast with a single click.


Click Start Broadcast and instantly begin sharing your live stream to your audience. Done.

With Millicast, there is no special player, standard HTML is all you need. It doesn’t get easier or more flexible than this.

Why Millicast?

Millicast, acquired by Dolby, is now part of the Platform. Millicast powers a new generation of interactive real-time streaming applications built on WebRTC. With sub-second latency, broadcast quality color and sound, support for massive audiences, and end-to-end encryption, Millicast supports real-world use cases including REMI production, sports, music, events, remote post-production, gaming, and the metaverse.


Powerful Feature Set

We have been realtime streaming experts since 2002 and built Millicast specifically to be the best zero-latency streaming platform in the world. Millicast pushes WebRTC to the next level and sets a new standard for live streaming, allowing true real-time delivery to all devices.

Plugin free pure WebRTC-based streaming platform.

100% Plug-in Free

End-to-end WebRTC. Reach all devices without plugins, players, special protocols, SDKs or client-side framework requirements. Pure, universal, HTML

Built for the highest quality WebRTC live streaming.

Smoother Streaming

Uniquely engineered for reliability and quality in the worst network conditions, and real-time means you never see any buffering.

Simulcast streaming for the best user experience.


Built-in support for providing your live stream at the bitrate most suitable to each of your viewers, including VP8 & H.264 codecs.

Low latency WebRTC for OBS.

OBS Support

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the industry standard for live video publishing, so we’ve extended it for you to use with WebRTC.

Secure realtime streaming service provider.


Encryption is at the very core of WebRTC and we maintain this philosophy end-to-end across all areas of our systems.

SDKs for ultra low latency streaming.


Our API has been designed to make it easy to use Millicast in any environment. See our docs, SDKs and tutorials to get started.

Analytics for the lowest possible latency.

Advanced Analytics

We provide you with live and historic metrics to help you understand your audience and weigh the success of your real-time streaming.

Record your realtime low latency streams.


Our recording and replay API makes it simple for you to archive and replay your streams within any environment.

Best supported WebRTC CDN in the world.

WebRTC Experts

We're members of the W3C and IETF committees for WebRTC standards, as well as leading providers of global streaming infrastructure; you're in good hands.

How do I get in?

Millicast is the best, lowest-latency solution enabling you to instantly stream your content in real-time.
Click below to sign up and start using Millicast today.