Online Gambling

Use Millicast’s sub-second video streaming platform to deliver your live betting streams in real-time

With Live Betting, latency is mission critical.

Due to the Supreme Courts’ recent ruling on live sports gambling, casinos are now able to allow people to virtually place bets.

Millicast is the perfect solution to stream live sports gambling to achieve real time interactions. Our WebRTC based sub second streaming platform allows for a high quality and reliable stream with sub 500 millisecond latency.

This allows gamblers to interact with your live gambling platform in real time. Which means a casino can literally allow virtual players to stream a live poker game and play from their devices anywhere in the world just as if they were at that poker table in real life.

Our solution can help you reach 1000’s of gamblers all at once without them ever having to walk into a casino.

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sub-second-latency CDN
WebRTC CDN delivers to all devices.

Works wherever your customers are

Unlike Flash, which is outdated, and doesn’t work on mobile, Millicast uses end-to-end WebRTC technology, which means higher quality, sub-second latency, and it works on all major web AND MOBILE browsers, without the need for any special plug-ins or software.

Ease of use

Get an account, create a stream, and start broadcasting in less than 5 minutes.


Want to customize or brand the video player?

With Millicast, the standard HTML5 <video> tag is all you need, it doesn’t get easier or more flexible than this.

Fully customizable, white-label video player of which you can simply share the URL, or embed within your application for your viewers to instantly begin viewing your real-time streams.

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