Live Auctions

Use Millicast’s sub-second video streaming platform to deliver your online auctions in real-time

Latency is everything

Live auctions are extremely fast paced and require a person's full attention to not miss a bid. This kind of live bidding requires real-time streaming with 1 to many communication. Millicast’s sub-second latency streaming solution is the fastest and easiest real-time broadcasting platform offered.

Millicast allows you to broadcast your live auctions with almost 0 latency (less than .5 seconds) which gives all bidders an equal chance to place a bid in real-time, whether you’re there in person or at home streaming the auction.

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sub-second-latency CDN
WebRTC CDN delivers to all devices.

Works wherever your customers are

Unlike Flash, which is old, klunky, and doesn’t work on mobile, Millicast uses end-to-end WebRTC technology, which means higher quality, sub-second latency, and it works on all major web AND MOBILE browsers, without the need for any special plug-ins or software.

Ease of use

Get an account, create a stream, and start broadcasting in less than 5 minutes.


Want to customize or brand the video player?

With Millicast, the standard HTML5 <video> tag is all you need, it doesn’t get easier or more flexible than this.

Fully customizable, white-label video player of which you can simply share the URL, or embed within your application for your viewers to instantly begin viewing your real-time streams.

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